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Pile Burning Locations in Central Oregon

As conditions remain favorable, Deschutes National Forest firefighters plan to ignite several burn piles west of Sunriver and La Pine over the next few weeks. Burning will occur during mid-week, primarily on Wednesdays.

Nearby roads will remain open, but smoke may linger for a few days – if recreating nearby, keep pups on a leash when passing by these smoldering areas, as the ground will be too hot for paws, boots, or tires.

Pile burning differs from other forms of prescribed burn because it involves igniting by hand piles of vegetation created during thinning or other types of fuel reduction work after the vegetation has had an opportunity to dry out. The dried vegetation in the piles burns hot and clean and does not produce the amount of smoke that understory burns (prescribed fires) produce.

Understory burns are also ignited by hand, but the goal is to burn green vegetation across a broad area. Both pile and understory burning are important tools that reduce hazardous fuels and restore forests to healthier conditions.

For information and mapped locations, refer to info@deschutescollaborativeforest.org, official information site for the Deschutes Collaborative Forest Project.

Outdoor Debris Burning Open With Permit

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Residential Debris Burning is Open!


You must have a permit for all burning.  Please call the La Pine Fire District burn line at 541.536.9056 before you light a fire.


Debris piles are to be no larger than 15′ wide and 6′ tall.

Burn piles must be 50′ from any structure or deck and 25′ from property lines, trees, and other piles.

Only dry vegetative materials, paper, cardboard and clean wood lumber may be burned.  No garbage or any other man-made materials may be burned.

A shovel, rake, and working water hose that reaches the fire or several buckets of water must be present.

The fire must be attended by an able-bodied person at all times and be dead out before dark.

Please watch the weather closely as you burn.  If high or gusty winds and/or high temperatures are expected, burning must stop immediately even if the burn line has not had a chance to be updated.  Fire behavior in our region will increase in the midday and afternoons due to the usual higher temperatures and wind.

Warming fires must be in established and approved campfire rings no larger than 3′ in diameter.  The warming fire must be 15′ from the edge of the trees, 25′ from any structure or deck, and only cut firewood and/or charcoal briquettes may be used.  The same attendance and suppression rules apply as above.

All members are encouraged to continue to Firewise their homes and properties to assist in protecting from wildfire.

Please submit Firewise Tracking forms to Ken Kennedy, Firewise Chairman, no later than November 14, 2020.

Wild River Owners Association Annual Meeting

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When:  Saturday, August 21, 2021

      9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Where:  La Pine Senior Center

16450 Victory Way, La Pine

All Wild River community members are encouraged to attend.